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Can the cold induce you stronger?

Wim Hof claims that a regime of cold baths and breathing techniques will stave off the flu and boost your immune system Cold showers are commonly associated with dousing sexual urges, tropical holidays and plumbing emergencies. But Dutch daredevil Wim Hof, who holds the world enter for the longest meter immersed in an sparkler tub, … Read More

Why the Earth is actually 100% flat | Dean Burnett

Dean Burnett: Rapper B.o.B. has been criticised for publicly contending the Globe is flat. You may think his claims are outlandish, but the truth is: they dont go far enough Rapper B.o.B . has caused a furore by tweeting that the Earth was indeed flat, and you only need to look at the evidence presented … Read More

For obese parties distances genuinely do seem further, learn learns

The overweight tolerate a vicious cycle of feeling and behavior, according to psychologist Jessica Witt: Youre ascertaining the world in terms of your ability to act Obese beings learn intervals as farther than we are really are, according to a forthcoming analyze that recommends overweight people accept a vicious circle of impression and demeanor, and … Read More