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Pittsburgh water: expensive, rust-colored, astringent, and high-pitched in induce

Amid concerns about high levels of lead, the citys ocean agency is fielding organizing objections over the position of its tap water, while tolls rise In many American metropolitans, spotting heightened make grades in drinking water are available to flicker serious concern. But in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where many residents are delivered expensive, rust-colored and astringent … Read More

Greenpeace activists employed gas disguise on Nelson’s column in pollution objection

Nelson effigy and 17 other bronzes around London given bespoke gas masks to highlight need for improved air quality Two Greenpeace activists have clambered Nelsons column in center London to fit a gas mask to the effigy as part of a city-wide complain over air pollution. Alison Garrigan and Luke Jones scaped its safety and … Read More

Not all rogues wear Lycra- gondolas are literally killing us | Arwa Mahdawi

Hogger joggers and mamils arent the only ones lunging us into the path of chance. Theres a bigger and more normalised culprit on our streets There is you may have noticed a certain sort of middle-class, middle-aged follower who ends hes going to burn off the anxiety of advancing age through aggressive workout. Hes going … Read More

Most of “the worlds” breathes polluted air, WHO responds

( CNN) Almost everyone on World now gasps polluted breath, according to an air caliber delineate secreted Tuesday by the World Health Organization. The interactive delineate, based on world air pollution data, confirms that 92% of the world’s person lives in places where outdoor breeze quality fails to meet WHO guidelines. JUST WATCHED Can we … Read More