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Trump’s policies and how they’ll change America — in plots

( CNN) From his jaunt forbid to his plan to abolition Obamacare, President Donald Trump’s policy proposals are already affecting some Americans but have the potential to change the fabric of the US. To what degree his policies will affect individual Americans is up for dialogue. The disposal, for example, disagrees with the nonpartisan Congressional … Read More

Jo Cox recollected by Sarah Brown

The assassinated MPs drive, appeal and focus are recalled by her friend, the campaigner and former prime ministers wife I was lately asked to sum up Jo Cox in simply one word and what instantly has now come to attention is a word that doesnt properly exist. Unstoppability. It seems to perfectly describe the utterly … Read More

This Trump supporter drives New Yorkers seeds

New York( CNN) It generally takes a lot to get a rise out of New Yorkers. Nearly every day, Cini climbs into an 18 -foot scull rowing boat and paddles the Hudson River along the Manhattan shoreline. Before shoving off, Cini hoists a prominent flag that speaks “Trump 2020. “ And then he waits for … Read More

Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ rhetoric is consistent with disregard by Kim Jong Un

Washington( CNN) While prompting global geopolitical shockwaves, North Korea’s nuclear measure also represents a flagrant personal defy to President Donald Trump and his strategy of escalating the showdown with Pyongyang with explosive rhetoric. With his previous threat to rain “fire and fury” on North koreans and warns that the US armed is “locked and loaded” … Read More

Human fly scales Trump Tower in New York

A boy scales the all-glass facade of Trump Tower, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016, in New York .Image: AP Photo/ Julie Jacobson A man was captivated on Facebook Live scaling the glassy elevations of Trump Tower in New York Wednesday, applying suction cups to move across the windows. With police watching helplessly below and passersby stopping … Read More

With Boris Johnson in charge of diplomacy, Britain has insulted the world | Jonathan Freedland

Some say his character is merely symbolic. Even so it dedicates two thumbs to the countries whose goodwill we will need Theresa May could seldom have made a worse select of foreign secretary than Boris Johnson. Short of appointing Nigel Farage, or Jeremy Clarkson, the brand-new “ministers ” could not have made a more foolhardy … Read More

Trump doesn’t represent American looks on climate change: a visual steer

( CNN) You could be forgiven for recollecting the American public is deep subdivided on climate change. After all, the United States elected Donald Trump, a person who has famously — and falsely — called climate change a “hoax.” But it turns out Trump is out of step with both scientific and public opinion on … Read More

These Iranian maidens are flouting a new principle against going bicycles

Women in Iran a withstanding a new religion fiat that vetoes them from cycling, and posting about it on social media .Image: Instagram/ masih alinejad Iran’s supreme manager, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, questioned a fatwa on dames razzing bicycles Monday, but that hasn’t stopped a bunch of insolent females from doing it anyway. The religion fiat … Read More

Streetfighting female: inside the story of how cycling changed New York

As transport commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan faced down reviewers to transform New York with 400 miles of cycling roads, a bicycle share scheme and the remodelling of Times Square. Any city can do it, she tells Peter Walker Janette Sadik-Khan, who in alliance with her then-boss, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, arguably did as much to … Read More

The recount of a tragedy foreshadow: Grenfell Tower

Government and councils were advised repeatedly about attack refuge experts anxieties over tower blocks as far back as 1999 The inhabitants of Grenfell Tower were fright to discover smoke moving from their electrical appliances in May 2013. Laptops, videos, washing machines and fridges were damaged by an unexplained line of power surges that motivated the … Read More

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