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First lady Michelle Obama parodies about Melania Trump plagiarism: ‘Yeah, that was tough’

( CNN) Michelle Obama on Tuesday joked about the plagiarism contention that engulfed Melania Trump during the Republican National Convention, extraditing a dry rejoinder when “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert questioned the first lady if she was sympathetic to the plight of a fellow political spouse. “Melania Trump was criticized for using what turned … Read More

Democratic pattern speeches Day 1: CNN veterinarians the claims

( CNN) The Democratic Party gathered in Philadelphia on Monday for the first night of its pact, and CNN’s Reality Check Team put the speakers’ statements and allegations to the test. The team of reporters, researchers and editors across CNN listened throughout the lectures and selected key evidences, rating them genuine; mainly true; true-life, but … Read More

Zinke: Ballparks shouldn’t be bargaining chip in shutdown showdown

Washington( CNN) Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Sunday he has decided to keep many national parks open during the government shutdown because the sightseer smudges should not “be weaponized.” Zinke spoke with CNN on the National Mall in Washington as he shook mitts with veterans and sightseers outside the World War II and Lincoln memorials. … Read More

Inside the ‘Democracy Spring’ rallies at the DNC

Philadelphia( CNN) The revolution will not be improvised. More than 50 demonstrators were detained by police on Monday following a tightly choreographed demonstration at an access point to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, where the Democratic National Convention has been consumed by a series of roiling scheme twistsand turns. Police did not make any … Read More

Trump Taps Powell for Fed to Oversee Economy Fraught With Risks

Jerome Powell, said to be President Donald Trump‘s pick to be the next Federal Reserve chairman, about to be take the reins of the world’s most important central bank when the U.S. economy is reeling along at a speed he’ll be under pressure to sustain. Growth is accelerating, inflation is tamed and unemployment is the … Read More

Illinois Is in a$ 6 Billion Budget Hole and Flirting With Junk

Two years ago, Illinois’s budget impasse meant that the state’s raffle wins had to wait for months to get their wins. Now, with $15 billion in unpaid bills, Illinois is on the brink of being unable to even sell Powerball tickets. For the third largest year in a row, the state is poised to begin … Read More

We the Parties: 100 daytimes in Trump’s America

( CNN) Emotions pass high across America as voters reflect upon President Donald Trump’s firstly 100 epoches. Well let’s face it, passions have been running high-pitched since at the least Election Day, and quite rightly so, as this is the future of the country and everybody in it. But that’s where the unity intention. Stop … Read More

How the outsiders prevailed — and the insiders disintegrated

( CNN) This narration was reported by Dana Bash, Gloria Borger, Abigail Crutchfield, Jeremy Diamond, Chris Frates, Noah Gray, Ashley Killough, Betsy Klein, Elizabeth Landers, Phil Mattingly, Dan Merica, Sara Murray, Mark Preston, Manu Raju, Gabe Ramirez, Maeve Reston, Lauren Selsky, Sunlen Serfaty, Cassie Spodak, Gregory Wallace, and Jeff Zeleny. There was more than a … Read More

The Trumps don’t miss the Obamas’ swing set

Malia Obama on her phone at the swing and play set last-place May on countries of the south fields of the White House outside of the Oval Office .Image: AP Photo/ Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP The White House change mount was drag off the South Lawn Thursday, only a few weeks before Donald Trump moves in. … Read More

Hillary Clinton’s day of drama

Washington( CNN) It was a era that was all about Hillary Clinton — but she wasn’t even the hotshot of her own depict. Instead, FBI Director James Comey and President Barack Obama took leading roles Tuesday that could substantiate crucial to her fate. The day started with relief — as Clinton learned the FBI will … Read More

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