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This corporation is mostly launching a Pokemon Go dating app

Have you knew yourself outside over the past week, perhaps climbing a tree or diving under a bush in a frantic attempt to catch a Pikachu, thinking who else around you is playing Pokmon Go ? Perhaps you’ve caught yourself watching Pokmon porn, situating hookup ads for sexy Pokmon managers on Craigslist, or sharing filthy … Read More

American art museums cautiously hug Pokemon Go

Institutions including MoMA in New York are seizing the possibility of being get gamers through the doors, though some museumgoers are unimpressed Summer is a tough time to get paying museumgoers through the doors but this year, theres an extra motivation. Art museums like the Whitney and the Museum of Modern Art in New York … Read More

Pokemon Go Will Soon Bring Monsters Into Your( Real) World

Soon, the world will be your Pokmon playground, and to catch’ em all, you’ll have to get out of the house. Pokmon Go , a mobile activity jointly produced by The Pokmon Company, Nintendo, and Niantic, will be launching afterward the summer months for iOS and Android. Recently, WIRED saw Niantic’s office to get a … Read More