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In Response To Another Polemic About Being Together

I told him, you know, they dont even believe in the technical procedure anymore? Id spoke that somewhere, that possibilities are infinite and testing is finite, so all the faith we put in discipline is precisely that at some part we all want to close up our works and go home. So we call it … Read More

Poet’s Pacific paradise: Pablo Neruda’s homes in Chile

As a brand-new movie about Pablo Neruda gets a UK release, we see two of the Pacific-facing residences where the poet found inspiration: beachside Isla Negra and the crazy port of Valparaso If we march up and down all the stairs of Valparaso well have walked all round “the worlds”. Poet Pablo Neruda was alluding … Read More

A Poem For The First Day Of Spring, 2017

This is a poem for the duck in the sea who recalled I might have some bread and clique around giddily as I watched the sunshine adjust over ocean so still it seemed fraudulent, a maudlin special effect you chortle about in a out-of-date movie. This is a poem for the girls stepping in front … Read More

Ona Gritz: ‘I had wasted more than sufficient time bury and pretending’

For times, the poet and columnist tried to keep her cerebral palsy secret. Then motherhood and a brand-new passion taught her to make peace with her body There are ways to cover for the fact that you cant range like the other children, or skate, or clamber barriers, or journey your flowered banana posterior motorcycle … Read More