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Fibs behind the pictures of 2015: January to March

The people in the images of its first year including a free-climbing firstly and Peter Grestes release from an Egyptian jail A free-climbing first: Kevin Jorgeson reaches the summit of El Capitans Dawn Wall, Yosemite, California, 14 January I started to obsess about El Capitan in 2009, after watching footage of climbers on it. This … Read More

These Are National Geographic’s Favorite Photographs From 2015

National Geographic hasreleased an album of itsfavourite Daily Travel Photographs of 2015. Judged both on their productivity and their contents, the portraits captureall the natural wonderand cultural intriguethatcomeswith globetrotting. Be prepared to want to grab your passport and jam-pack your bags. To help you vicariously trips the world, the pics encompass most corners of the … Read More

‘He was a sex outlaw’: my love affair with Robert Mapplethorpe

The dungeons and diamonds, the penthouses and pillow talk Jack Fritscher relives his love affair with Robert Mapplethorpe the hustler with a Hasselblad whose sexually explosive photograph stimulated and frightened America One hundred daylights after Robert Mapplethorpes celebrity-studded funeral, the gun-loving republican politician Jesse Helms stood on the flooring of the US senate and curved … Read More

Indian duo accused of committing forgery photo of elevation at Mount Everest

The pair were applauded as the first Indian duo to subdue the worlds highest top, but mountaineers have lodged individual complaints saying they never obligated it Two Indian police constables have been accused by fellow mountaineers of using crudely influenced photographs to support their claim to have reached the top of Mount Everest. The husband … Read More

Taylor Wessing prize: who is the man in the photograph?

Amadou Sumaila demonstrates granted permission to share character in which he explains how and why he left Mali and arrived in Sicily Amadou Sumaila are members of 118 parties rescued from an inflatable ship drifting 20 miles off the Libyan coast on a clearly defined, calm morning in August last year. The kind of daytime … Read More

Hoaxes that get viral

Did Kanye West disguise the word I am Lord Voldemort in his tweets? No. Here are five more legends that moron the world The internet rarely makes truth get in the way of a good story, which are able to spread worldwide before anyone checks the facts. The beached dolphin that expired this month while … Read More

China’s ‘train hunter’ on a journey to recount its fast-expanding railways

Wang Wei has wasted 10 times advancing all over China to photograph trains and brand-new strands, but can he keep up with the staggering gait of the countrys rail boom? It has been 10 times since Chinas self-styled learn hunter start out on a 300,000 km quest to document the greatest railway lines on Earth. … Read More

Helicopters bring stranded cable car fares to safe

An EC-1 35 helicopter going to save fares caught in stalled cable cars in Mont Blanc .Image: LUCA BRUNO/ AP PHOTO On Friday morning, 33 parties were rescued after being caught overnight in cable cars 3,800 meters above the Mont Blanc glaciers in the French Alps. After the Panoramic Mont Blanc cable cars came to … Read More

I Want His Profession: Meet Bo Bridges, The World’s Most Badass Photographer

Hanging out of airliners, swimming with sharks and getting up close and personal with the world’s good players is just another typical workday for Bo Bridges. Bridges, health professionals boasts and lifestyle photographer from Manhattan Beach, California, has a life most people can’t even imagine( if they could, they’d immediately quit their day jobs ). … Read More

This Woman Takes Stunning( And Unbelievably Dangerous) Selfies Atop Skyscrapers

I can’t even begin to understand the mettle it takes for people to climb extremely towering designs. Of course, I know that some are complete thrill-seekers, but that kind of adrenaline rushing would never be worth gambling my life. The know-how would be amazing if you’re into that, though — specially if you’re able to … Read More

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