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Burned, frozen, winched, dangled and hit by a gondola: the stunning extreme prowes of Guido van der Werve

From sweeping the Baltic on sea frost to preparing his own organization ablaze, the Dutchman goes to amazing spans to cause mind-boggling artworks. And now hes thoughts for Britain When I called the artist Guido van der Werve last year to format a fit, Pauline Portrait, his studio administrator, “ve told me” he was healing … Read More

Raw meat, live fornication and serpents: the hazardous prowes of Carolee Schneemann

She has wasted 50 times cheating and scandalizing audiences in equal appraise. The artist provocateur talks fearlessness, feminism and what shes done for Kim Kardashian Dont bring your underaged children or grandchildren. Dont bring your grandmother or other relatives. Dont bring your out-of-town clients. The current exhibit is awful. I dont know what it is, … Read More