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What’s It* Really* Like To Have Kids Later In Life? These Moms And Dads Dish.

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Dad of four Girls Calls Out “Sugar-Coated” Parenting With Hysterically Accurate Instagram Posts

This “outnumbered” dad depicts #NoFilter parenting at its finest. Its crazy just how much technology has completely changed the style we look at ourselves and the world. Before social media, the only practice to defeat yourself up for not being the trendiest mama was sitting in your minors car-pool text comparing mini-vans and Skechers. Now … Read More

Josi Denise is still pissed at the mommy blogging manufacture

In a viral blog berthlast week, self-described mommy blogger Josi Denise called the whole blogging industry a victimize and counselled other momma bloggers to discontinue, telling them that their blogs suck and their writing is “sprinkled with frightful grammar and spelling, and you are contributing good-for-nothing to the world but static noise.” Denise explained her … Read More