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Where Can You Skydive In Ohio?

  Source: Flickr If you want to skydive, Ohio is a great place to go for it and they boast some great skydiving schools for people of all levels, from beginners to more advanced skydivers. Is it Safe to Skydive in Ohio? Skydiving is a big passion for many people and it is an extreme … Read More

Tandem Skydiving in the United States; Not Just for Experts!

  Source: Flickr So what exactly does it mean to do a tandem skydive? In Layman’s terms, it means that you no longer have to be an expert in skydiving to jump out of an airplane. With tandem skydiving, you don’t need any experience in order to experience the thrill of falling through the wind … Read More

Why Would Arizona Be Any Good To Skydive?

  As you can see, Arizona is an amazing place to skydive and you can enjoy the experience more with the great amount of centers available. Enjoy a Great Skydiving Experience in Arizona Skydiving is a huge passion for many people, with many skydiving every single day and enjoying every minute of the experience. It … Read More