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Opinion: Tragic drone strike with airliner ‘inevitable’

( CNN) Editor’s note: Geoffrey Thomas is the Editor-in-Chief of AirlineRatings.com. The opinions expressed here are solely his. It now seems inescapable that a dreadful accident involving a commercial-grade plane with hundreds aboard and a drone is only a matter of time. JUST WATCHED The rise of drones

How GOP built family reunification a dirty word

( CNN) The media has focused relentlessly on Donald Trump’s closed-door meeting last week with US senators, where he had allegedly referred to African people as “shithole countries.” Republicans and Democrat alike have rightly condemned the language as disrespectful and inappropriate, and report stores have treated the speculationand controversyover whether Trump utilized that exact motto … Read More

Brad Meltzer: Why Neil Armstrong is realizing news again

( CNN) Neil Armstrong is establishing news again. Some might think it’s because of the upcoming 50 th commemoration of the moon arrive, or the brand-new Ryan Gosling film “First Man, ” or specially the facts of the case that Donald Trump is publicly grumbling about said movie and whether or not the American flag … Read More

French Spider-Man’s act of extreme mettle you don’t know about

( CNN) Mamoudou Gassama is a real-life superhero. The 22 -year-old Paris man scaled a four-story house to pluck small children hanging precariously over a sidewalk in the 18 th Arrondissement, earning the nickname “Spider-Man of the 18 th.” For his bravery, he will be honored with legal status in France. That’s more than deserved … Read More

Everest not the only mountain I’ve climbed

( CNN) As contestants from around the world has taken part in Rio de Janeiro in the Summer Olympics, numerous Saudi dames also dream of playing boasts and prevailing gold medals for our home countries. Despite betters over the past decades, women in general have long not had a level playing field in sports in … Read More

Trump’s Singapore gambit is money

( CNN) President Donald Trump has signaled his opening — and maybe good — gambit when he congregates with Kim Jong Un in Singapore in the coming days. It’s money — an improved economy for the Hermit Kingdom. Trump, speaking of the leaders of Japan and South Korea, on Thursday told reporters, “I know that … Read More

Improving a wall won’t save America’s crumbling middle class

( CNN) America’s middle class is starting to crumble. When we delivered that letter in a notebook announced “The Two-Income Trap” back in 2003, it seemed reasonably appalling. Today , not so much. Step up investments in public education. Rein in the costs of college and cut outstanding student loan debt. Establish universal preschool and … Read More

Why Mount Everest is the wild climbing they can’t repel

( CNN) Camp 4 on Mount Everest, the final camp before the summit, is a residence most of us will simply ever see in photos: perched at 26,180 hoofs on the shoulder between the monsters of Mount Everest and Lhotse, the fourth-highest mountain in the world, the place is entirely unlivable, explosion by winds that … Read More

What America’s workers know about climate change

( CNN) Kim Fish, a patient care assistant and organization member at Staten Island University Hospital, was on duty the nighttime Superstorm Sandy thumped New York four years ago. After evacuating their family to higher field, her husband, Jon, returned home to watch over their property. As the tornado intensified, Kim got a call from … Read More

‘French Spider-Man’: Why Steve’s Trump Tower climb failed

( CNN) Was the three-hour clamber that Steve from Virginia made up the side of Trump Tower in New York Wednesday an amazing feat or exactly a foolhardy stunt? I think it is something closer to the latter.

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