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Sad the Rio Olympics are over? Here is what to look forward to at the Tokyo Games.

A woman walk past at the Olympic Games logo in Tokyo .Image: Richard Atrero de Guzman/ NurPhoto/ Sipa USA Before they even inaugurated, the Summer Olympics in Rio were plagued by relates over pollution, political rebellion and the Zika virus. Then, Usain Bolt flashed a smile, Simone Biles leapt into our hearts and Michael Phelps … Read More

Olympic Drug Cops Will Scan for Genetically Modified Athletes

It took a decade from the time the US biotech firm Amgen came out with a synthetic version of the blood-boosting hormone erythropoietin for a reliable exam to display whether athletes were utilizing it to enhance performance. In those ten years old, EPO became a favorite pharmaceutical of nobility cyclists, cross-country skiers, and other endurance … Read More

These Are the Most Dangerous Olympic Occasions

Pushing your figure to the limits of human execution inevitably have contributed to injuries, even at the Olympics. Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan dislocated his elbow as we seek to heave 429 pounds. French gymnast Samir At Sad burst a leg after missing a landing on tomb. Three cyclists have break-dance bones in superhighway racing accidents. … Read More