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The scuba diving that suppressed my backbone

Image copyright Rich Osborn It had been well-planned – a deep nose-dive for four experienced scuba diving teachers. But halfway through the session, two compressed air containers ranged out, preparing off a cataclysmic chain of events. The sky was blue over Cyprus. It was a uncommon day off for acquaintances Rich, Paul, Emily and Andy … Read More

12 Men Escape An Alabama Prison After Employing Peanut Butter To Confuse Guard

Twelve inpatients escaped from a penitentiary in Alabama on Sunday, exploiting an incredibly unique technique to break out. The Walker County Jail is located in Jasper, Alabama, which is around 35 miles northwest of Birmingham. The county jail was inaugurated in 1998 and currently mansions around 240 inpatients, according to the Sheriff. Some of the … Read More

Supposed Drug Smugglers Have Been Filmed Climbing The US-Mexico Border Fence

Mexican journalist Carolina Rocha and a camera gang from the network Tv Azteca have captivated footage of two men scaling the US-Mexico border fence. They can be seen carrying large backpacks while clambering the fence before seeing the decision to retreat. The young men are believed narcotic smugglers who climbed the very tall fence from … Read More

Ivanka Trump Tweeted About Women’s “Untapped Labor” And It Didn’t Go So Well

If you choose not to scratch beneath the powdery pink skin-deep, Ivanka Trump’s social media proximity might appear to be a wonderful collage of feminist conceive. Drag your tack only an inch further down though, and you’ll realize that all of her ambiguous thoughtfulness about equality and female empowerment literally represent that our present disposal … Read More

Mom Potentially Murders Son Over $ 789 Cable Bill

Imagine being a young adolescent in these days of the internet where nude portrait are a click away and full on porno videos can also be instantly accessed. It used to be that kids had to sneak into their friends daddies bedroom, climb up a dresser drawer to the meridian shelf where the stack of … Read More

Two Female Climbers Determined Out To Climb 50 Peaks For Equality, But Learned A Different Lesson

Climbers Melissa Arnot and Maddie Miller had a splendid proposal. They were going to climb 50 pinnacles in Colorado in an effort to raise awareness of women’s target in the outdoors. Along the way, they were going to interview elapsing hikers about gender dynamics and report back with what the hell is learned. Instead, Arnot … Read More

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