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New Zealand election: voting begins as Ardern and English contended closest battle in years

Jacinda Arderns revitalised Labour party is looking to disturbed “ministers ” Bill Englishs plans for a fourth expression for National Voting has opened in New Zealand’s most exciting the parliamentary elections in years, with New Zealanders asked to decide between the status quo of National or taking a punt on new Labour leader Jacinda Ardern. … Read More

Jaffas and adventurers: life on the world’s steepest street

Baldwin Street, in the New Zealand city of Dunedin, is attracting tens of thousands of sightseers and a few people bent on danger Most people take 10 times to clamber the worlds steepest residential street. But Bindi Bezar, who were working in a pop-up gift store near the bottom, does it in seven. I have … Read More

New Zealand company offers hires $10 a daytime to round to run

Christchurch advertising firm answers employees could experience energised by the workout and the money A Christchurch company is offering hard cash to civil servants who bike to wreak everyday in a bid to energise staff members and move the city away from a trust on autoes. Employees who cycle to and from handiwork looked forward … Read More

New Zealand’s Ruapehu Volcano Is Heating Up Fast

Ruapehu, on the north island of New Zealand, is one of the most restless volcanoes in the island country. However, it has been a quiet( almost) decade for the picturesque volcano. The last confirmed outburst from Ruapehu was back in 2007, and it was a very small explosive outburst. You have to go back over … Read More

New Zealand get hung parliament as Jacinda Ardern falls short in poll

Labour and National court New Zealand First leader Winston Peter who becomes kingmaker for third time The future of New Zealand’s brand-new government has been put in the hands of Winston Peters, a grouchy, anti-immigration legislator who favor fishing to politics, after election counting finished in the legislative elections. Neither of the major parties- National, … Read More

Supermoon: world’s skywatchers strive clear skies for uncommon seeing

Natural phenomenon, largest of its species in 68 years, will be visible after sunset on Monday wherever you are in the world The largest supermoon in 68 years has risen in Europe and Africa, and astronomers in various regions of the world are keenly observing the dazing natural phenomenon. Skygazers took to high-rise houses, observatories … Read More

Steve the cat from New Zealand kinda thinks he’s a lamb

* force purposes *Image: Screenshot Amanda Whitlock Facebook Look, we all have an identity crisis at some stage in our lives, but this New Zealand tabby cat announced Steve seems to have adorably kooked it. Steve was eight months old-fashioned when his owneds Amanda Whitlock and her collaborator Ben took in a small slew of … Read More

Rotorua: Escapade galore on New Zealand’s North Island

( CNN) Rotorua, on New Zealand’s North Island, was attracting international tourists long before “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson prepared the country’s landscape irresistible to the world. Though the stunning place is no more, Rotorua has re-invented itself as the adventure capital of North Island. The unique combining of groves, reservoirs, geothermal work … Read More