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Private firefighters and five-star inns: how the rich sit out wildfires

Record-breaking US wildfires are fueling a cottage industry of boutique services and numerous are happy to pay the price With record-breaking wildfires engraving up the American west this summer, firefighters have become the rarest of civil servants: the kind almost universally lauded as heroes. Buttress dropped into California’s firefight from as far away as Australia … Read More

Sweden’s reindeer at risk of starvation after summer drought

Indigenous Sami herders urge commonwealth to mitigate influence of climate change in Arctic circle Sweden’s indigenous Sami reindeer herders are asking government aid to help them cope with the impact of this summer’s extraordinary drought and wildfires, saying their future is at risk as global warming changes the environmental issues in the far north. The … Read More

Weather warns as parts of Australia bake in record autumn temperatures

State evidences for April broken in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, with heatwave set to continue Australian states in the heavily populated south-east are experiencing record high temperatures during an unseasonably hot autumn, prompting ardor prohibitions and alerts from authorities. This week has already shattered territory accounts in South Australia, as well as … Read More

Mount Everest’s Hillary Step has collapsed, mountaineer shows

Tim Mosedale adds demolition of rocky outcrop, maybe in 2015 earthquake, may manufacture clambering to summit more dangerous A British mountaineer has confirmed that a far-famed bumpy outcrop near the peak of Mount Everest has collapsed, potentially representing the ascent more dangerous. The Hillary Step, identified after Sir Edmund Hillary who, along with the sherpa … Read More

Satellite Eye on Earth January 2017- in scenes

A sacred Tibetan lake, a cranny in the Antarctic ice shelf and deforestation in Cambodia are among personas captured by Nasa and the ESA this month Yamzho Yumco( Sacred Swan) Lake is one of the three largest sacred lagoons in Tibet. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and is highly crenellated with numerous inlets and … Read More

Papua New Guinea earthquake death toll contacts 67

Rescue tries continue as aftershocks hit Southern Highlands, a week after quake Aid works in Papua New Guinea say the death toll from last week’s 7.5 shake has reached at least 67, as the country’s remote highlands were again rocked by strong aftershocks. Three aftershocks, each more powerful than importance 5, shook the rugged Southern … Read More

Mount Everest is tightening under our heavines. Epoch to drop the barrel list | Philip Hoare

Reports of damage to the Hillary Step, the major challenge before the summit, be pointed out that we do not own awesome targets, whatever names we give them Its a scene from one of John Martins apocalyptic covers. Or a modern tragedy movie. But this isnt CGI. Everest may have begun to breakdown, as if … Read More

Mount Everest climbers procured for canvas purse clean-up assignment

Recreational climbers and Sherpas asked to help remove hundreds of kilograms of offspring after sequence of deadly quakes on macrocosms highest peak The government of Nepal and Everest expedition organisers have launched a clean-up busines at 21,000 ft to remove rubbish left on “the worlds” highest pinnacle after a series of deadly avalanches. Sherpas and … Read More

The academy beneath the movement: the unimaginable tragedy of Japan’s tsunami

The long read: In 2011 a tsunami engulfed Japans north-east coast. More than 18,000 parties were killed. Six years later, in one community, survivors are still tormented by a cataclysmic split-second decision The earthquake that impressed Japan on Friday 11 March 2011 was the fourth more powerful in the history of seismology. It knocked the … Read More

As climate change worsens wildfires, smokejumpers pushed glows from the sky

Drier wintertimes, warmer outpourings and hotter summertimes stir wildfires even wilder. These nobility firefighters extinguish small-scale volleys before they grow into monsters The alarm resonated and in a blink the basi thrummed with task. Smokejumpers grabbed helmets, donned kevlar clothings, tested radios and strapped on parachutes. A loudspeaker blasted Wagners Ride of the Valkyries. Final … Read More

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