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Teaches Beg Teen To Cut Nails After Three Years Of Growth Has Left Her Unable To Use A Write

The fairer sex are known for their long fingernails, and thanks to social media the trend for nail skill has grown exponentially. Now, girls are flourishing their nails longer than ever before in order to be allowed to cover them with intricate designs. However, there’s surely a limit to how long the status of women … Read More

The Latest Creepy Trend For Halloween Is Replacing Pumpkins With Pineapples

Jack-O’-Lanterns have long been associated with Halloween. The habit started in Ireland way back in the 19 th century, and now innumerable pumpkins with monster faces grace the doorsteps of homes around the world every fall. Painted below is an early pattern of an Irish Jack-O’-Lantern. Terrifying, isn’t it ?! The curtain between the life … Read More