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Between Italy’s cliffs and ocean, migrants bid to outperform police

In the border town of Ventimiglia 500 beings are determined to make their style to France For the fifth time in one week, Sami, a 25 -year-old from Guinea, were attempting to cross into France from the Italian margin municipality of Ventimiglia. As the qualify moved along a trail sandwiched between the steep cliffs of … Read More

Life and fatality on the Mexican borderline

The Long Read: Most of those who attempt to climb the wall into the US will be arrested and was sent out. If they subsist, they are able to keep trying The wall is an army in dark-brown. It is fabricated in regions 10 girders wide-cut, 18 ft towering and crowned with a metre-high blade. … Read More

‘ I love Trump. He’s doing what he enunciated .’ President’s followers keep the faith

Womens Marches and widespread criticism of the Muslim ban have not dented the love of Trump voters Cast-iron hooks, minors vinyl records, classic nutrient containers, tobacco baskets, vintage-style olive barrels and a rotary-dial telephone fill the shelves at James and Jess House of Goods . The antiques store opened two years ago ,~ ATAGEND styling … Read More