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Major volley breaks out at Ajman tower near Dubai

Building evacuated but no casualties showed as firefighters undertake flame, the latest skyscraper attack in the United Arab Emirates and wider region Residents have been evacuated after a major flaming engulfed a high-rise tower in the United Arab Emirates, the latest in a series of skyscraper blaze in the Gulf nation. The streets around the … Read More

Former aide has agreed to testify against Netanyahu, say reports

Israeli media say that Shlomo Filber has made a treat to reversal commonwealth witness after being arrested The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is battling for his working careers in the face of various corruption accusations, has suffered a potentially destroying blow after a former friend apparently agreed to turn commonwealth witness. A week … Read More

Massive fire at Dubai skyscraper interrupts New Year’s Eve fireworks

One person suffers heart attack and 17 injured as fuel shoots up high-rise inn building in city centre A massive fuel which engulfed part of a indulgence inn in Dubai, near where revellers had gathered to watch a New Years Eve fireworks parade, has been brought under control without any fatalities. The inferno lighted up … Read More

Brutality flares after Tunisians rally to label revolution’s commemoration

Teargas used in suburb where protesters accuse Tunisian authority of undercutting Arab outpourings legacy Tunisia Violence flares after Tunisians rally to distinguish revolution’s anniversary Teargas used in suburb where objectors allege Tunisian authority of eroding Arab spring’s legacy Emma Graham-Harrison in Tunis Sun 14 Jan 2018 16. 17 EST First published under Sun 14 Jan … Read More

Hundreds of refugees try to scale barricade subdividing Morocco and Spanish enclave

An estimated 1,100 people from sub-Saharan Africa try to reach Europe by clambering over their own borders barricade with Ceuta on New Years Day Hundreds of refugees have tried to hop a high double barrier between Morocco and the Spanish district of Ceuta, arising in murderous strifes with police. A group of 1,100 beings from … Read More

The talking is over, the occupying forces goes on. Will there ever be armistice in the Countries of the middle east? | Jonathan Freedland

The award-winning performance Oslo depicts the high-pitched drama of Israeli and Palestinian negotiations of the past. But on the dirt today, the picture is much bleaker, writes Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland If you want to see Israelis and Palestinians is making an effort to make peace, you should head for the National Theatre in London- … Read More

Iran presidential elections: everything you need to know

As voters prepare to go to the polls this week, we look at the two frontrunners and probe what is at stake for the country Whats the story and why is it important? Iran goes to the canvas on 19 May in the two countries first presidential elections since the landmark nuclear arrangement in 2015, … Read More

BBC journalist stopped from flying to US over UK-Iranian tribe

Rana Rahimpour caught by new legislation that intends dual citizens of some countries, including Iran, can no longer use visa waiver programme A BBC journalist has been stopped boarding an aircraft from London to the US because of her dual British-Iranian tribe. Rana Rahimpour, a presenter at the BBCs Persian service based in London, was … Read More