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Buying a $500 House in Detroit: bidding on the spirit of my city

At 23 Drew Philip prevailed an auction, unknowingly stepped into their home communities, learned to look out for his neighbours and met Detroit as a reflect of America I was just finishing what was likely the final mowing of my lawn, just before the winter came. As I seemed up, I saw my neighbor was … Read More

How Flint traded safe clean drinking water for cost-cutting plan that didn’t design

The decision to switch the drinking water source to the Flint River was aimed at saving$ 5m but almost two years later it carries a pice tag of $45 m and its climbing The decision to switch the city of Flints drinking water source to the Flint River was pegged as a cost-cutting maneuver is … Read More

It Takes a Lot to Shock Detroit, but a Boys Kidnapping and Murder Did Just That

Deontae Mitchell’s torso was found in a field after he was kidnapped outside of a grocery store on Tuesday. One felon has been arrested and another is still on the lam.”> DETROIT The abduction and slaughter of 13 -year-old Deontae Mitchell has outraged a city already reeling from a pile of child killings. Police have … Read More