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Perplexing Rocks Found On Mars

Three and a half billion years ago Mars was a totally different plaza. Water was flowing, the environment was thicker, and maybe some basic different forms of life had progressed. Curiositys recent procures furnish more manifestation for flowing water, but establish brand-new a matter of the Red Planet. The boulders analyzed by Curiosity in the … Read More

Opportunity Rover Spots Dust Devil On The Surface Of Mars In Amazing Image

Remember that opening background from “The Martian, ” when poor Mark Watney gets thrown across the surface of the Red Planet by a powerful dust storm? Well, you are able already know that this stage was somewhat sanctified in reality, dust storms on Mars are as gentle as a mild gale on Earth. But if … Read More

Envision of the Day: The Pale Blue Dot( Mars Edition)

Photograph by NASA/ JPL-Caltech/ Univ. of Arizona [ June 5, 2017] Using the most powerful telescope ever sent to Mars, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter caught a opinion of the Curiosity rover this month amid rocky mountainside terrain. The car-size rover, clambering up lower Mount Sharp toward its next end, sounds as a blue dollop against … Read More

Curiosity Delivers First Close-Up Pictures Of Martian Sand Dune

NASAs Curiosity rover is conducting the first-ever survey of a sand dune on any planet other than Earth, and lately recalled these panoramic portraits of Marss Namib Dune, affording a brand-new glimpse of the Martian landscape. Rising to a height of about 4 meters( 13 feet ), such structures is located within a band of … Read More