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Why don’t Kenyans pass ultramarathons?

East Africans reign long-distance flowing up to 26.2 miles but longer races are almost exclusively white-hot things. As ever in top-level athletic, fund has a lot to answer for In the world of ultrarunning, one race stands out as the most competitive, the Super Bowl, the London marathon of ultrarunning: it is the Ultra-Trail Mont … Read More

What Demonstrates With So Many Hard Scientists Being Hard-Core Endurance Runners?

Fifty-two hours and three minutes after Brett Maune left the starting line of the 2012 Barkley Marathons, he returned to that same blot and situated his hand on the finishing line: a yellowish State Park gate. Briars had shredded his legs. He was soiled and disheveled, his hydration battalion hanging off one shoulder, an empty … Read More