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Los Angeles jury convicts ‘Grim Sleeper’ of 10 murders

Los Angeles( CNN) Lonnie David Franklin, Jr ., a one-time scrap truck driver and LAPD garage attendant, was found guilty Thursday of slaughtering nine women and one girlfriend over a span of three decades, inducing him one of “the worlds largest” prolific serial killers in California history. Jurors took less than 2 day to imprison … Read More

Pop. 17,049: Welcome to America’s largest penitentiary

( CNN) Here’s one thing you may not think about when disembark at Los Angeles International Airport: Precisely 11 miles out sits the biggest jail system in America. Program note: Go inside America’s largest penitentiary plan on “This Is Life with Lisa Ling”Sunday, September 25, at 10 p.m. ET/ PT. With prison inmates person the … Read More

Elon Musks Boring Company Hope to Dig a Tunnel to Dodger Stadium

With six weeks left in the 2018 baseball season, the Los Angeles Dodger are just two plays out of first place in the National League West and a expedition to the playoffs. But even if they can top last year’s pennant-winning rendition, “the mens” in blue-blooded has not been possible to the only heroes for … Read More

Tower Preserves: A Place To Be Seen

“Olive”( absolutely no truth to the rumors real reputation) is a woman who worked at Tower Records on Sunset Strip for two-and-a-half years in the 1980 s. In honour of the premier of ABCs WICKED CITY, here she remembers her various touches with the rich, the far-famed, and the intoxicated . David Lee Roth I … Read More

LA’s New Metro Line Won’t Reduce TrafficAnd That’s OK

As of today, those notoriously sun-deprived Angelenos will finally have a new room to get to the beach: light rail. After $1.5 billion spent andfour years of interpretation, the LA Metro is opening an extension of the Expo Line. It’s 6.6 miles of new racetrack, seven brand-new terminals, and a glistening opportunity to travel from … Read More

Los Angeles’s mural ‘movement’: ‘It gives you a sense of pride and belonging’

Colorful murals have brought street artwork to LAs rundown back alley. But amid gentrification, are they delivering people together or merely decorate over the crackings? In the shadow of downtown Los Angeles, neighboring to artsy enclaves of Silver Lake and Echo Park, is a rundown expanse called Historic Filipinotown, called for its formerly thriving post-war … Read More

In Hollywood, superheroes and rogues enjoyed crowds- and sleep on the streets

Many tourists take photos with the characters stringing Hollywood Boulevard, but few know about the dangers and instability the impersonators face In a parking lots off Hollywood Boulevard, Christopher Dennis recently changed into a Superman outfit, terminated with a muscle dres and calf-high ruby-red boots. He leader out through the crowds, a wont he was … Read More

‘Whole trip’ service forms Airbnb big than ever, but many want tougher principles

Airbnb is taking on the tourism industry with an ambitious stretch and a star-studded open but it comes at a fragile epoch for the company Airbnb is taking on the tourism industry by offering travellers jaunts and knowledge hosted by locals, an ambitious stretch which will allow people to project entire errands through the home-sharing … Read More