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In defence of pretentiousness | Dan Fox

The long speak: In an age that venerates the genuine, it has become a slur for all seasons the easy-going behavior to tear down the poseurs and announce youre not one of them. But without it, life is indeed very dull indeed Pretentiousness is always someone elses crime. Its never a felony in the first … Read More

The Glasgow effect: new examine discovers causes of city’s high-pitched mortality rates

Research based on recently secreted 1970 s policy documents recommends Glaswegians higher jeopardy of premature death was caused by skimming the ointment rehousing trained worker in new municipalities, and leaving the poorest behind Robert Preston takes the grainy photo simply a few square centimetres and yellowing with age from his pocketbook and with a meticulous … Read More

How I deal with the unbearable hypocrisy of being an environmentalist

Its not easy living light-green without going totally off the grid, but that doesnt mean we shouldnt do what we can and had recognized that sometimes well fail I consider myself an environmentalist, yet last weekend I expended five hours in a auto dealership “re going through” the rigamarole of get a brand-new gondola arguably … Read More

All parallelling everything: what luxury dorm room tell us about students today

Dorm decor now resembles a competitive sport committing more inspirational mottoes, fewer dedicated survey rooms and numerous, numerous pillows Back when I was a university undergraduate in Ye Olde England, my dorm room had an Ikea lamp, lots of pretentious journals and a ostentatious antique boulder strap poster. There is another mushroom germinating from my … Read More

Tel Aviv’s journey to becoming the hippest cycling metropoli

Not so long ago, the idea of promoting cycling was a source of levity for Tel Avivs politicians. Now it is part of the citys culture but there are still many problems to tackle, from chaotic streets to the summer sweat factor When four Israeli cyclists suggested to the Tel Aviv city council in 1994 … Read More

RJ Mitte:’ I have more robes than most women, and two stylists’

The actor on his skin jacket worn by stone starrings, necessary deodorant and falling asleep in the shower I look like I have a container on my premier if I wash my whisker too often. I wash it twice a week, with whatevers in the shower I share with my 12 -year-old sister. I like … Read More

How extreme is your life? Take the test

Do you know what a carabiner is? What do the notes in BASE jumping stand for? And when did you last depart skydiving? Find out whether youre GoPro or go slow with our handy quiz A sidekick asks if youd like to go for a motorcycle go at the weekend. Do you Accept, but hint … Read More

‘The bride’s ex arrived drunk’: your appalling marry narrations

Three-day bridals are becoming the norm but Country Life has called for self-restraint. We asked about the extravagant ceremonies youve been invited to Country Life magazine has suggested couples favour quality over length when it comes to bridals, with ceremonies now the nuptial equivalent of an forearms hasten. We expected our readers to share their … Read More

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