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Cooking with cannabis:’ I have a fish person, a meat guy and a weed guy’

In the two years since Colorado legalised cannabis, chefs in the state ought to have acquiring new ways to make a dinner of it This is delicious, Roz Bielski says, touching her opening with a napkin. Like ingesting a gloom. This is the kind of food Id picture snacking in heaven. It is just after … Read More

Naked entertainment: art and sad fibs in Modigliani’s Paris

As Tate Modern readies a brand-new exhibit of his operate, including 12 of his famous nudes, Louise Roddon researches the artists haunts around Montmartre and Montparnasse Poor Amedeo Modigliani, what a tough life he passed. I’m thinking this as I climb the steps to his last studio in Montparnasse. It’s a classic artist’s garret with … Read More

Gunter Grass:’ When the time comes, we will rest on leaves’

An exclusive removed from the Nobel prize-winning columnists final drive is shown how he and his wife thoughts their farewell At long last-place, having explored our seam activity many times, testing and repudiating various intuitions at the kitchen counter, we had reached a decision; the master carpenter Ernst Adomait sat across from us. The speech … Read More

Rebel Crossings by Sheila Rowbotham review- feminist utopian daydreams

A vivid collective biography of a group of 19 th-century freethinkers is crammed with hopeful visions from the past Last year, think it is or not, was its first year of Utopia. A perfect civilization: glad, prospering, accept, peaceful this idyll was widely commemorated, although its point, appropriately, was nowhere( from the Greek ou-topos : … Read More

Russian chess endorse dies after descending from Moscow balcony

Yuri Yeliseyev, 20, who was reportedly a fan of the urban boast parkour, immersed from 12 th storey of apartment block A promising chess grandmaster has jumped to his death from a Moscow apartment block in what appeared to have been a achievement of daring gone wrong. Yuri Yeliseyev, 20, fell from the 12 th … Read More

Tour de Farce: cycling from La Manche to Le Med | Martin Love

Riding the duration of France devotes Martin Love and three friends the have opportunities to enjoy endless rain, empty superhighways and performance-enhancing croissants Its a misty morning in March. Ive got a stinking hangover and am being dragged round the block by the dog. Suddenly my friend Frank jumps out of the murk, fraction human, … Read More

Ugg: the search that refused to die | Marisa Meltzer

The long read: How an ostentatiously ugly Australian boot refused styles the statutes of gravity In December of last year, Kitson, a small chain of shops on the west coast of America, announced it was going out of business. The first Kitson store had opened back in 2000 on Robinson Boulevard, merely on the edge … Read More

‘ We didn’t recognise that he was dangerous ‘: our leader killed our baby and sister

Last summer, Lance Hart shot dead his wife, daughter and himself, four periods after their own families had left him. His sons talk frankly about life before and after On a very warm summertime period last July, Claire Hart and her 19 -year-old daughter Charlotte croaked for an early morning swim at their local recreation … Read More

Gabrielle Deydier: what it’s like to be fatty in France

Gabrielle Deydiers work about being obese has ignited her native France. She tells Stefanie Marsh how their own lives has been a battle against grossophobia, discrimination and verbal abuse until now In August 2015, 37 -year-old Gabrielle Deydier went for a job interview which she passed with flying colours. The chore was for a position … Read More

William Giraldi on life as a bookish bodybuilder: ‘It’s a poisoned mode to be a man’

As a girl, William Giraldi would pump himself full of steroids, touched the gym … and secretly read Keats. His new memoir peruses the absurdities of modern masculinity and foresees a better world-wide in which his sons dont get caught in its poisonou grip As a teenage bodybuilder, William Giraldi would obscure a battered old … Read More

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