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A brief record of the Oscars in viral moments they want you to forget

The offends, the cockups, the moves and anything involving John Travolta. We relive the moments everyone secretly hopes for Nobody watches the Oscars to see who prevails. Why would they, when the frontrunners all tend to be puddingy, little-watched middlebrow fare like The Imitation Game? No, parties exclusively watch for the cock-ups, the unexpected moments … Read More

Why do puppies wag their posteriors? You expected Google- here’s the answer | Jules Howard

Every day millions of parties request Google lifes most difficult questions. Zoologist and scribe Jules Howard refutes this one As luck would have it, this is rather a prescient question for me right now. At home, we are attempting to coax a neurotic four-year-old out of a dog-bite shunning proficiency that works as follows. Upon … Read More

Burned, frozen, winched, dangled and hit by a gondola: the stunning extreme prowes of Guido van der Werve

From sweeping the Baltic on sea frost to preparing his own organization ablaze, the Dutchman goes to amazing spans to cause mind-boggling artworks. And now hes thoughts for Britain When I called the artist Guido van der Werve last year to format a fit, Pauline Portrait, his studio administrator, “ve told me” he was healing … Read More

‘ All your best friend had some nightmare experience trying to be pregnant. My story took the patty’

At five months pregnant, Ariel Levy lost her child. After four more years of IVF, had she left motherhood too late? I firstly congregated Ariel Levy in 2009, soon after moving from London to New York, but I had been a fan for more than a decade. Her frank essays about pop culture and sexuality, … Read More

Laird Hamilton’s age-busting 10 -point plan to supercharge your organization

Laird Hamilton noted notoriety and luck surfing “the worlds” biggest breakers. But, as he tells Tim Lewis, his daredevil streak is likely to be have led him down more dangerous routes as a young man. Plus, he discovers their own lives secrets for remaining ahead of the curve Laird Hamilton has travelled many of the … Read More

How one guy died so a whale might live

Humans have spent more than 10 centuries emptying the atlantic provinces of some of its most extraordinary animals. Today, a coalition of researchers and anglers are trying to turn the tide and learning that management is much harder than destruction Sunrise on the St Lawrence ” The whale was the future, the present and the … Read More

Leap forward towards gene care medicine for haemophilia A

Scientists around the world congratulate the team that has made a major advance in spotting a dry for the life-threatening blood disorder Scientists believe they are on the way to receiving a dry for haemophilia A, the hemorrhaging disorder that are now expects sufferers to inject themselves every other daylight to avoid life-threatening complications. One … Read More

The pitch-black person who can’t swim: why I lastly( almost) learned to swim

A lack of better access to consortia and the money to pay for lessons drives a ethnic partition in swimming ability. But after are married, I had no choice but to dive in If you just relax, youll move. Everyone floats, Monica, their teachers, adds calmly while Im flapping my terminus in sheer fright. Im … Read More

Not glad – why Pharrell Williams needs to update his views on childcare

In her weekly advice column, our form arbitrator documents with dishearten the stars refusal to change his triplets nappies. Complimenting his wife for her hard work plainly wont do So youve banged on about Beyoncs twinneds and Clooneys twins, but you totally missed out on the big celebrity multiple deliveries narrative this year. Whats happened … Read More

Ordeal: I was implanted living in an avalanche

I was gradually suffocating, but opposing it off, trying to stay conscious In 2012, I was 22 and doing a ski season in Ischgl, Austria. It had been snowing heavily for daytimes, and no one could ski. Then the weather changed. On my day off, I woke to a clear blue air and half a … Read More

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