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Why Coming Out Day still topics

When the LGBT parish first celebrated National Coming Out Day in 1987, the act of coming out itself commonly expenditure person or persons their family, their friends, their undertaking, or “peoples lives”. Twenty-seven years later, in an age of corporate-sponsored pride happens, nationwide wedlock equality, and rainbow Dorritos, “it wouldve been” seducing to think we … Read More

Africas New Gay-Bashing Islamic Republic

Declaring little Gambia an’ Islamic Republic’ is a contemptuous gambit by President Jammeh, but the consequences for his parties are huge, and for LGBT Gambians, horrific.”> WARRI, Nigeria To restate the 18 th century sage-green Samuel Johnson, Islamism is the last sanctuary of a bastard. One might quote any number of samples, but none is … Read More

Woman hung 10,000 rainbow Christmas illuminates to protest a homophobic neighbour

This week has shown current trends of Americans trumping hate with love in the form of rainbow flags. Mike Pence’s D.C. neighbors’ have been hanging rainbow flagson their houses to protest his homophobic sentiments, and about 20 tenants of a Michigan vicinity hung pride pennants after a neighbor expressed displeasure for them. Lexi Magnusson, 34, … Read More

Inaccuracies spread as Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy comes out as homosexual

Freeskier and Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy got a lot of great things. But the first openly gay athlete in action athletics is not a matter of them. It’s ever evoking when an athlete comes out, specially a male contestant who generally faces more racism and potentially homophobic actions in the sporting world. So when Kenworthy, … Read More