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Why did 10 migrants succumb in this truck in Texas?

Their demises, after being crammed into an uncooled trailer amid scorching summer heat, uncover the callousness of smuggling along the US-Mexico border One day earlier this month, Johny Serna was brought by his mother to pray the rosary at a parish temple to Santo Toribio Romo, the patron saint of migrants, with his uncle and … Read More

Why is it so hard to indict motorists with slaughtering cyclists?

Negligent motorists kill an average of two to three cyclists a day in the US, but they are rarely charged with an offence homicide Jennifer Lloyd was travelling next to a sidekick when the Ford 500 sedan raced past. The two were pedaling through a zone of California’s Riverside county known as Indio Hills, on … Read More

‘I’m Leading to Die’: Fear Grips Vegas Strip; Gunman Kills 59

Las Vegas( AP) — The rapid-fire popping chimed like firecrackers at first, and many in the crowd of 22,000 country music fans didn’t understand what was happening when the band stopped playing and singer Jason Aldean hustled off stage. “That’s gunshots, ” a male could be heard articulating emphatically on a cellphone video in the … Read More

14 years a fugitive: the hunt for Ratko Mladic, the Butcher of Bosnia | Julian Borger

The long speak: The Bosnian Serb general is accused of killing thousands of civilians at Srebenica and Sarajevo the worst transgressions in Europe since the Nazi era. Julian Borger tells the inside story of how he evaded capture for so long and was finally caught In July 1997, a Yugoslav army officer mentioned Milan Gunj … Read More

Frankfurt Doesnt Want Londons Bankers

In the scramble to tempt financial positions from London in the aftermath of Brexit, Frankfurt is passing the jam-pack–at least nine banks have said they’ll move standings there. That could eventually aim 10,000 new jobs and well over $100 million yearly in brand-new tax revenue for the German financial capital, auguring an financial and cultural … Read More

Brock Turner released from prison after serving half of six-month sentence

The Stanford University swimmer attracted national renown after he was convicted of multiple transgressions for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman Brock Turner, the American college athlete whose carnal abuse action triggered international debates about campus savagery, was exhausted from incarcerate on Friday after serving half of a six-month convict, causing demonstrates by victims counselors as … Read More