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U.S. Senate Adopts Budget, Causing Momentum to Trump’s Tax-Cut Schedules

The Senate adopted a fiscal 2018 plan settlement Thursday that House GOP governors agreed to accept, a show of unity is targeted at accelerating considered by President Donald Trump‘s is our intention to ordain imposition cuts. The budget cleared the Senate 51 -4 9, with all Democrats and Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky voting … Read More

The strange, unexplained, and deadly temptation of the Pope Lick Monster

Roquel Bain and her boyfriend didn’t meet the train coming until it was too late. Bain, a 26 -year-old surgical aide from Ohio, had traveled to Louisville, Kentucky for a late-night paranormal tour of a local sanatorium. With hours to spare beforehand, they found themselves on a trestle connection practically 100 hoofs above Pope Lick … Read More

America’s poorest white-hot town: abandoned by coal, swallowed by pharmaceuticals

In the first of a series of dispatches from the USs poorest communities, we call Beattyville, Kentucky, blighted by a lack of jobs and addiction to painkillers Karen Jennings patted her heavily made up look, put on a sarcastic smile and told me that she imagined she examined good after all shed been through. I … Read More