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Justin Trudeau: ‘Globalisation isn’t working for ordinary people’

Exclusive: The Canadian “ministers ” tells the Guardian why, in a world where populism, divisiveness and fright are on the increases, hes taking the opposite approach Ordinary people around the world have been failed by globalisation, Justin Trudeau has told the Guardian, as he sought to explain a stormy year celebrated by the election of … Read More

Move over Putin: Trudeau for most sporting world leader?

( CNN) It looks like Vladimir Putin has some tournamentfor the title of most athletic global leader. Sure, the Russian President might spend his free time shirtless horseback riding and his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama can dance the tango, but the Internet is going ga-ga over a photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showing … Read More

Tru love: Canada’s time of Justin Trudeau has been a honeymoon, but will it last?

The optimistic “ministers ” has allured Canadians, and the world, during his first time in agency. Now the challenge be demonstrating hes a change maker The line to get in elongated around the obstruct and deep into a hotel parking lot. Thousands of parties had turned up to an election campaign event in Medicine Hat, … Read More