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28 Inventions That Attain The World A Much Better Place

People are constantly trying to make life easier. After all, new inventions are often what move civilization forwards, am I right? But some of these amazing inventions and intends have hovered under the radar. Whether they appeal to niche markets or the press merely hasn’t given them the praise that they deserve , not many … Read More

22 Funny Words To Santa That Will Brighten Your Day

When I was a kid, I wrote a letter addressed to Santa Claus every single year, reaching sure to thank him for last year’s presents and giving him know what I required for the upcoming Christmas. It’s a tradition than many kids participate in, and I’m sure it won’t stop anytime soon. But sometimes, girls … Read More

A Soldier Mentioned James Kingston Has A Hobby That Will Make Your Palms Sweat

James Kingston is a free smuggler and an ardent parkour fanatic, but that’s not what becomes him a borderline crazy person. Kingston climbs some of the world’s tallest arrangements without a harness, forearmed exclusively with his GoPro camera and some serious spirit. That’s what forms his particular brand of madnes unique. This video of him … Read More

It’s improbably hard to employer the art of skiing or snowboarding. I think everyone known to be. If you’ve ever demonstrated it a try, you know just how complicated it is. It examines simple-minded and smooth, but the learning arc is brutal. If you think that skiing and snowboarding are easy-going acts, I think you … Read More

They Took Their 1-Year-Old Out In The Snow, And What She Did Is So Breathtaking

For many people, snow is an drawback. It messes up the roads and obligates it almost impossible to get to work on time. And we all know that shoveling is ghastly. It’s all exactly part of one big headache. But for the people who enjoy snowfall, this is the only time of year when they … Read More