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Between Italy’s cliffs and ocean, migrants bid to outperform police

In the border town of Ventimiglia 500 beings are determined to make their style to France For the fifth time in one week, Sami, a 25 -year-old from Guinea, were attempting to cross into France from the Italian margin municipality of Ventimiglia. As the qualify moved along a trail sandwiched between the steep cliffs of … Read More

Taylor Wessing prize: who is the man in the photograph?

Amadou Sumaila demonstrates granted permission to share character in which he explains how and why he left Mali and arrived in Sicily Amadou Sumaila are members of 118 parties rescued from an inflatable ship drifting 20 miles off the Libyan coast on a clearly defined, calm morning in August last year. The kind of daytime … Read More

The Remarkable Climbing Prowess of Alpine Ibexes

In this video captured by Andrea Battisti of Hybrid Wildlife , we get to appreciate the impressive climbing ability of Alpine ibexes ( Capra ibex ); a species of wild goats that live in the mountains of the European Alps. Here various Alpine ibex are observed on the sheer look of a dam at the … Read More

What Will Italys Referendum Mean for the Euro?

Investors reeling from democratic collapses in Britain and the U.S. are worried about Italys future in Europes monetary confederation. Theyre concerned that a defeat for Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in the Dec. 4 constitutional-reform referendum would undercut the nations unstable political stability. Yet attracting Italy out of the euro doesnt seem to be an imminent … Read More

Three puppies received safe after five days stuck under avalanche

Rescuers view three puppies that were found alive in the rubble of the avalanche-hit Hotel Rigopiano, near Farindola, center Italy .Image: Alessandro Di Meo/ ANSA via AP Amid the anguish surrounding avalanche-struck Hotel Rigopiano in central Italy, there is hope. Three Abruzzo sheepdog puppies were gathered out of the million tonnes snowfall and rubble Monday, … Read More