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‘ They want us to be invisible ‘: how the ban on burkinis is fractioning the Cote d’Azur

As the national mood hardens following terror attacks, the seaside resort of Villeneuve-Loubet is segmented over the brand-new religious offence Late last week, policemen Lucenay and Roux of the municipal police were resuming their patrol of the beaches that provide from the immense marina composite at Villeneuve-Loubet along the Cte dAzur towards Nice. This would … Read More

Africas New Gay-Bashing Islamic Republic

Declaring little Gambia an’ Islamic Republic’ is a contemptuous gambit by President Jammeh, but the consequences for his parties are huge, and for LGBT Gambians, horrific.”> WARRI, Nigeria To restate the 18 th century sage-green Samuel Johnson, Islamism is the last sanctuary of a bastard. One might quote any number of samples, but none is … Read More