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The Painful Liberation of Iraqs Christian Heartland

ISIS pressured the Christians of the Nineveh plain around Mosul to flee. Now they are returning, but in the key town of Qaraqosh, the fighting rampages on.”> QARAQOSH, IraqThe churchs interior has been blackened by volley, and the altar has been vandalized. ISIS graffiti has been smeared on the walls, and songbooks lie burned on … Read More

How ISIS feels cherish online

Most tales of desire, wedding, and babe constitutes three dont end with the newlyweds carrying out a horrendous terrorist attack that leaves them dead and their child abandoned. So report that the suspected San Bernardino crap-shooters Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook possibly meton an online dating websiteraises an interesting question: How do these beings find … Read More