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Hedge-Fund Investors Pour Into Oil as Firms Predict Surge to $80

Hedge-Fund Investors Pour Into Oil as Firms Predict Surge to $80 By Suzy Waite @KenlyWaite8 More storeys by Suzy Waite Updated on Westbeck’s intensity money recovered earlier losses from this year — including a double-digit decreased to February — and is now up 11 percentage through April 19, according to Chief Operating Officer Jari Habib. … Read More

Iran presidential elections: everything you need to know

As voters prepare to go to the polls this week, we look at the two frontrunners and probe what is at stake for the country Whats the story and why is it important? Iran goes to the canvas on 19 May in the two countries first presidential elections since the landmark nuclear arrangement in 2015, … Read More

BBC journalist stopped from flying to US over UK-Iranian tribe

Rana Rahimpour caught by new legislation that intends dual citizens of some countries, including Iran, can no longer use visa waiver programme A BBC journalist has been stopped boarding an aircraft from London to the US because of her dual British-Iranian tribe. Rana Rahimpour, a presenter at the BBCs Persian service based in London, was … Read More

These Iranian maidens are flouting a new principle against going bicycles

Women in Iran a withstanding a new religion fiat that vetoes them from cycling, and posting about it on social media .Image: Instagram/ masih alinejad Iran’s supreme manager, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, questioned a fatwa on dames razzing bicycles Monday, but that hasn’t stopped a bunch of insolent females from doing it anyway. The religion fiat … Read More