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The controversial TPP trade deal, showed

Finally, after seven years of negotiations, the dozen countries negotiating the contentious Trans-Pacific PartnershiptheTPP, for shorthave agreedon a verse. That intends there’s no more hope of the verse getting changed. The only question left is which of those countries are going to agree to the deal. So what’s in the TPP, why is it contentious, … Read More

U.S. Growth Cools to 2.3% While Compensation Rates Intensify

What Our Economists Say First-quarter GDP is better than consensus, as Bloomberg Economics projected, but don’t pop the champagne yet. Excluding armory stockpiling, the amount is considerably less robust. Final sales, or GDP ex-inventories, rose 1.9% vs. 3.4% prior — the softest expres since the fourth quarter of 2016. We spotlit this not to be … Read More