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The American expats breaking up indigenous communities on the Mexican ‘Riviera’

As real estate developers shape closer to the residence city of five, 000 Cocas, the community has appealed to the government for help Machetes in hand, the indigenous Cocas are clambering the steep scrubby hills that overlook their territory. Young boys climb alongside elders while a trusty as carries their camping material. Other groups man … Read More

Bolivia’s cholita climbers scale highest mountain hitherto: ‘I wept with emotion’

Two years ago, 11 Aymara indigenous women who worked for mountaineers decided to do their own rise and had now been undertook five heydays near La Paz For years, Lydia Huayllas, 48, has worked as a cook at base camps and mountain-climbing refuges on the immerse, glacial slopes of Huayna Potosi, a 19,974 ft( 6,088 … Read More