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Cloistered Hindu Sect Comes Alive In ‘Gates Of The Lord’ Exhibition

In the Indian temple city of Nathdwara, which translates as “The Gates of the Lord, ” admirers of the Hindu Pushtimarg sect venerate an image of the deity Krishna as a 7-year-old child. Founded in the 16 th century, the denomination is little known, even within India. But its rich aesthetic institutions have captivated the … Read More

Indian duo accused of committing forgery photo of elevation at Mount Everest

The pair were applauded as the first Indian duo to subdue the worlds highest top, but mountaineers have lodged individual complaints saying they never obligated it Two Indian police constables have been accused by fellow mountaineers of using crudely influenced photographs to support their claim to have reached the top of Mount Everest. The husband … Read More

Mount Everest: total of six dead as households mourn Indian climbers

Subhash Paul, Paresh Nath and Goutam Ghosh continued towards top despite admonition era had running around, enunciates Sherpa Further items have emerged of a Mount Everest jaunt in which three of the four climbers died last week, returning the mountains total death toll this year to six as the climbing season comes to a close. … Read More

This Young Girl’s Tightrope Walking Skills Will Leave You Amazed And In Awe

When you two are a kid, you were probably busy playing tag or hide-and-seek in your backyard after institution. Formerly you were all pooped out, perhaps you started inside to have a neat snack of milk and cookies( if your parents were “cool, “) or perhaps some fresh veggies. Hearing a highly specialised skill to … Read More

Farewell to south Asia: riotous, sometimes harsh, always remarkable

As he prepares to leave Delhi, after six years of reporting for the Observer, Jason Burke reflects on three decades of stormy change, from the summits of Nepal to the teeming cities of India and Bangladesh Late at night, after sending a fib to London, I often walk around the small region of Delhi that … Read More

Revelations of a executioner polouse | Raghu Karnad and Grace Jajo

The Long Read: In a position murderous by decades of armed rebellion, Thounaojam Herojit became one of Indias most fatal policemen killing more than a hundred people. This year, he became something rarer still: an murderer who wanted to tell the world about his crimes When he began to kill, Thounaojam Herojit never intended to … Read More

Mavericks with a lawsuit: the female biker sororities regaining Delhi’s public room

In Indias male-dominated uppercase where women are often in danger, a group of female bikers are taking to the road to regain womens claims to public space Stalled in a snarl of Delhi congestion, an auto-rickshaw operator cranes his cervix to gawp. Clad in tie-dye leggings, potty leaf earrings and a cherry-red motorcycle helmet, Leena … Read More

This Young Girl’s Tightrope-Walking Skills Will Leave You Astounded And In Awe

When you were a kid, you were probably busy playing label or hide-and-seek in your backyard after academy. Formerly you were all pooped out, maybe you led inside to have a nice snack of milk and cookies( if your mothers were “cool”) or perhaps some fresh veggies. Discovering a highly specialised skill to perform in … Read More

Nepal articulates an Indian couple faked Mt. Everest summit conquest photos

Indian climber, Satyarup Sidhantha accommodates on his right hand a photo that shows him on Mount Everest, along with what he responds is an varied version of the same used by an Indian pair to make it appear they were on the summit .Image: AP Photo/ Bikas Das In June, Dinesh and Tarkeshwari Rathod saw … Read More