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I Went 1,000 Tinder Matches And Lost My Faith In Humanity

In a foolish attempt to find love, I actually ended up experiencing my own slow switching into the dull, endless ether of existence. My journeybegan long ago over what could have been a year, but was more likely eons of moral attrition and it was eventually come to an end. Yet, I appear as though … Read More

A 6-year-old girl is preparing to go blind by seeing as much of “the worlds” as she knows how.

Catrina Frost remembers looking at photos of her daughter, Cailee, as a child and thinking one of her eyes examined off-center. Cailee’s fucking brother, Tanner, had been born a few years earlier with major eyesight questions, so at first, the mummy of four wanted to believe she was just being overly cautious. Later, a vision … Read More