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7 Of The Strangest Christmas Traditions Around The World

Let’s be honest … on paper, Santa Claus sounds pretty effing terrifying. But believe it or not, some commonwealths celebrate Christmas representations even scarier than a occult jelly-bellied serviceman who watches juveniles all year long before sidling into their homes. Like the celebrated German goat-demon Krampus, who invests the vacation season penalizing babes who have … Read More

Mandy Moore Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro !!

You lead, daughter! As you can see( above ), Moore and a few climbing mates went particularly close with one another while clambering the mountain and pushing through unusually cold temperatures and blustery winds. And as they are able to speak( below ), it sounds like Many had the the time of writing of her … Read More

Dylan Farrow Calls Out Hollywood For Subsidizing Woody Allen Despite Her Longstanding Affirms He Accosted Her As A Child

While the #MeToo movement has provoked the takedowns of many potent piranhas in Hollywood, one accuser has still not seen the justice she has so long deserved. That accuser is Woody Allen‘s daughter Dylan Farrow, who called out Hollywood stellars for continuing to work with the iconic filmmaker despite her longstanding allegation that he molested … Read More

Sort Calls Joel McHale Back To TV! Get The Deets On His Next Sitcom The Great Indoors!

Hopefully, third time’s a appeal for Joel McHale ! After wrapping up hosting The Soup for over 12 times, the actor is to whiz in a CBS humor captain The Great Indoors ! According to reports, the( unhappily, former) Community performer will play an adventure reporter called Joel( because why not ?) who has to … Read More

Serena Williams Channels Her Inner Beyonce For An Epic Dance-Off In Sexy-For-Some-Reason Delta Commercial!

Her haters can have several( upright) seats. Serena Williams may be an Olympic gold medalist, the No. 1 tennis player in the world, and merely an all around badass — but she’s also well on her space to becoming an achieved dancer! That’s because after starring in the Sorry fraction of Beyonc ‘s iconic Lemonade … Read More

Marilyn Manson Hospitalized After Scary On-Stage Injury Caught On Video At New York Concert

This is not good. The 48 -year-old musician had clearly been hampering onto or climbing up a initiate of huge prop grease-guns on the stage during his testify when they fell down on top of him, and patently very clearly injured manson. The incident has just taken place while Manson was play-act Sweet Dreams, about … Read More

Young Man’s Foot ‘All But Gone’ After Small Explosion In New York’s Central Park Apparently Effected By Fireworks

This is scary — and possibly not smart. A man have clearly lost his paw, is in accordance with eyewitnesses, after a small blowup rocked a part of New York City’s Central Park earlier this morning, and sovereignties believe it all has to do with fireworks. According to eyewitnesses on incident, the man and his … Read More

Man Alleged Of Asphyxiating Young Girlfriend To Death In Front Of Their Child Pleads Not Guilty — Despite Surveillance Footage

On Thursday, Uriel Leon pleaded not guilty to the charges of slaying and child abuse he’s currently facing in San Diego County. Authorities imagine Leon slaughtered Melissa Contreras , the mother of his children, who found strangled to extinction on Monday. Related: The Internet Is Travelling Crazy Over Trey Songz’s Sexy Mugshot As lawyers went … Read More

Michael Jackson’s Estate Slams Those Insane Child Porn Rumor!

We had a seeming According to M.J.’s estate, he never possessed child porn star tortured minors in explicit positions or demeanors. Per the singer’s rep, the leaked documents are just an extension of a “witch hunt” that all started when the county of Santa Barbara are determined to press brat molestation charges against the icon … Read More

ESPN The Magazine Features A Transgender Athlete In Its Body Issue For The First Time Ever! Check The Pics!

Chris Mosier is shaping biography … again! Last year, the athletics stellar became the first transgender individual to pay a place on the US National Team of the gender he identifies with, rather than the one he was given at birth. And now, the 35 -year-old is the first out transgender player to be featured … Read More

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