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First Descent: Polish Mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel Skies Down From the Top of K2

On July 22 nd, 2018 Polish ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel achieved a world firstly when he climbed and then pitched from the summit of the planet’s second-highest mountain on skis, K2. At 8,611 m, it’s precisely 200 m shorter than Mt Everest, and a lot more dangerous. Until Bargiel’s firstly drop-off, it was one of … Read More

The Five Best Day Hikes in Medellin, Colombia

Sitting in a valley in the middle of the Andes, Medellin has an entice that, in recent years especially, pulls travelers in droves. For some time, mention of its name produced reminiscences of cartel-inflicted terror but today, the vibe is serene and friendly, but these days, this South American spot saw” the city of everlasting … Read More