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Meet “the mens” lives with Alzheimer’s who climbs the same mountain every day

Sion Jair, 68, has clambered the Old man of Coniston at least 5,000 occasions and the emerging science backs him up that regular, spirited exercise is beneficial for those working with the disease, says Tim Lewis The night before we are due to clamber the Old Man of Coniston, Sion Jair calls to warn that, … Read More

Orchestra conductor Marin Alsop:’ I travel between the US and Brazil- the time zones almost line up’

The music director of the Baltimore and So Paulo symphony orchestras on evening project and getting by on short sleeps Sleep I don’t have too many issues with sleeping. My prime commute is between Baltimore and Sao Paulo, as I am the music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra, … Read More

Can the cold induce you stronger?

Wim Hof claims that a regime of cold baths and breathing techniques will stave off the flu and boost your immune system Cold showers are commonly associated with dousing sexual urges, tropical holidays and plumbing emergencies. But Dutch daredevil Wim Hof, who holds the world enter for the longest meter immersed in an sparkler tub, … Read More

Marcus Engman:’ I answer emails with a single word, like Steve Jobs did’

The head of design at Ikea on 12 -hour working days, falling asleep anywhere, and his love of dangerous sports Sleep It’s lost time when you’re asleep; epoch you can’t apply. I sleep when I need to: six to seven hours a darknes. I’ve learned to fall asleep anywhere. Light is no longer an nuisance. … Read More

‘ All your best friend had some nightmare experience trying to be pregnant. My story took the patty’

At five months pregnant, Ariel Levy lost her child. After four more years of IVF, had she left motherhood too late? I firstly congregated Ariel Levy in 2009, soon after moving from London to New York, but I had been a fan for more than a decade. Her frank essays about pop culture and sexuality, … Read More

Laird Hamilton’s age-busting 10 -point plan to supercharge your organization

Laird Hamilton noted notoriety and luck surfing “the worlds” biggest breakers. But, as he tells Tim Lewis, his daredevil streak is likely to be have led him down more dangerous routes as a young man. Plus, he discovers their own lives secrets for remaining ahead of the curve Laird Hamilton has travelled many of the … Read More

Leap forward towards gene care medicine for haemophilia A

Scientists around the world congratulate the team that has made a major advance in spotting a dry for the life-threatening blood disorder Scientists believe they are on the way to receiving a dry for haemophilia A, the hemorrhaging disorder that are now expects sufferers to inject themselves every other daylight to avoid life-threatening complications. One … Read More

William Giraldi on life as a bookish bodybuilder: ‘It’s a poisoned mode to be a man’

As a girl, William Giraldi would pump himself full of steroids, touched the gym … and secretly read Keats. His new memoir peruses the absurdities of modern masculinity and foresees a better world-wide in which his sons dont get caught in its poisonou grip As a teenage bodybuilder, William Giraldi would obscure a battered old … Read More

How I learned to cope with chronic anguish

Having tried everything to overcome the long-lasting after-effects of dengue fever I eventually had to reframe my posture and hear to accept what I couldnt change In 2013, I contracted a virus that I thought was the flu. It aimed up being dengue, sometimes referred to as breakbone excitement. The nickname is a reference to … Read More

The’ perfect person’ is a lie. I believed it for a very long time and give it flinch “peoples lives”

As a child, Lindy West was told she was off the charts. In this exclusive removed from her brand-new journal, Shrill, she explains how societys regression on thinness warp women lives and why she “d rather” be fatty than big Ive always been a great big person. In the months after I was born, medical … Read More

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