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I Trip For A Living, And Here’s What You Learn Living Life Through The Lens

For the last 11 years, Ive traveled “the worlds” with my long-time wander buddy my camera documenting my incredible global events for my worldwide audience. What started off as a hobby to expeditiously grown into a full-time career, and I couldnt picture “peoples lives” any other way. Ive been to 50 countries and have experienced … Read More

15 Thoughts That Arise When You Fall In Love With Their own lives Instead Of A Person

1. You detect what youre wildly passionate about, and you make time for those things. Love is beautiful, but it isnt everything. There are so many other things to be passionate about besides a personart, photography, music, writing, literature, boasts, exercising, workto merely name a few. When you start fallen in love with your life, … Read More

The Secret To Danish Happiness

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