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7 At-Home Exercises To Try When Your Gym Has The Worst Air Conditioning Ever

Nothing’s worse than when you shoot yourself up for a kickass workout brand new Lulu leggings, the perfect playlist, you even reassured yourself that you leg date and then. Your gym feels like the f* cking Sahara Desert. I’m not one of those girls that examines staggering after a exercising( and for you noblewomen who … Read More

This Veterinarian Built a Special Cat’s Gym in His Wisconsin Clinic

Veterinarian Dr. Kenneth Lambrecht aEUR” aka Dr. Ken aEUR” leads West Towne Veterinary Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin but he is also the prowd proprietor an adorable cat called aEURoeBugaEUR. Via: Adventure Cats Bug met Dr. KenaEUR( tm) s house after one of his felines passed away Via: Adventure Cats Dr. Ken, trying intimacy for himself … Read More

17 Startling Human Everyone Who Croaks To The Gym Has Met At Least Once

1. That nosy motherfucker who obsessively peeks at your treadmill rate. Hope you are interested in a baller passing at precisely. 1mph faster than me, bro! 2. Grunters/ droppers . AKA those hardos who omit the weirdest interferences during their workouts before violently throwing their heaviness on the storey. If you are able to heave … Read More