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Woody Vines Reduce A Forest’s Ability To Buffer Climate Change

Tropical groves store nearly a one-third of countries around the world aboveground, terrestrial carbon. But according to new detects published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science this week, increasingly abundant woody vines announced lianas could shorten forest-wide carbon uptake by braking tree rise and causingearly tree death. Lianas depend on trees for help … Read More

Millennials could lose trillions in lifetime income because of climate change issues

The Blue Cut wildfire flames homes and trees near San Bernardino, California, Aug. 16, 2016. Image: RINGO CHIU/ AFP/ Getty Images Americans in their 20 s and 30 s risk losing trillions of dollars in potential lifetime earnings as climate change issues interrupts the global economy and weakens U.S. productivity, according to a new report … Read More

Activists wear dinosaur garbs to protest Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing

Climate activists garmented as dinosaurs rally against former ExxonMobil CEO and Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson .Image: Aaron P. Bernstein/ Getty Images With a refer like Rex, such a stunt was inevitable. On Wednesday, environmental activists paraded around Washington , D.C ., in Tyrannosaurus rex dress to evidence their arrogance for Rex Tillerson, the … Read More