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Policymakers and markets at odds on interest rates as Yellen briefs Congress

Since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates 52 weeks ago marketplace turmoil has thrown serious doubts concerning the Feds presumed plans for further hikes this year While the Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen, is the one have the responsibility delivering a meaning over the next two days when she speaks to Congress, financial markets are … Read More

Meet the Swedish politician ready to play hardball with the UK on Brexit

Cecilia Malmstrm, the EU trade commissioner, will take a hard line on new commerce deals During the febrile, topsy-turvy daylights after Britain voted to leave the European Union, there used to be spate of tough meanings from European captains. But few clanged more implacable than the EU trade commissioner. A week after research results, Cecilia … Read More

Australia bet the house on never-ending Chinese growth. It might not culminate well

Assumptions about coal and iron ore exportations helped build Australian succes. But with Chinas economy threatening to untangle, a less rosy picture is emerging Over the last couple of decades, China has undergone profound change and is often cited as an financial emergence miracle. Day by day, however, the evidence becomes increasingly clear the probability … Read More