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Rising teenage pregnancy charges in east Asia Pacific spark health warning

Plan International issues call to action on teenage pregnancy, which is becoming less common in all other regions Teenage maternity– the most difficult gunman of girls and women aged 15 to 19 in countries around the world- is growing in the east Asia-Pacific region, the only lieu where the rate is climbing. A brand-new report … Read More

Surge in aid from many European countries driven by expenditure on looking after refugees at home, where spending has nearly doubled The amount of foreign aid money rich nations spend on dealing with the impact of the refugee crisis at home has almost doubled over the past year and now accounts for 9% of all … Read More

Twenty teens die in Ghana waterfall accident

High school students killed by descending trees while swimming at favourite sightseer spot during a blizzard, according to officials Up to 20 students have died after a rain at a cataract favourite with picnickers in Ghana induced trees to fall on them while the latter are swimming. Wind and heavy rain appears to have caused … Read More