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Examine: Canyon Urban 8.0

On the top flap of the cardboard bike box nursing the Canyon Urban 8.0, a salute is published within blaze orange: “Welcome to a community of enthusiastic cyclists.” Passionate, sure, but likewise confident and enterprising. Inside the box was a elegant brand-new German commuter bike, and I was going to have to apply it together … Read More

Olympic Commentators Should Cut the Chit-Chat and Just Explain the Sport

Luge gazes silly. It gazes easy, very: lie down on a sled, let gravitation do the design, climb the pulpit. In reality, of course, luge is fascinatingly complex. And, as American Emily Sweeney’s brutal gate-crash the coming week made clear, it’s dangerous too. A good start is crucial( that’s where the gloves with little spikes … Read More

Get Your Engine Moving With These Tech Bargains

February is the cruelest month, as the lyric moves. Oh , no, postponement. That &# x27; s April. February is a significant month to be born in if you want to become famous, but the rest of us might find the cold, grey-haired daylights to be a bit of a bummer. In sum, this is … Read More

Evaluation: Airblaster Freedom and Ninja Suits

The last experience and place you want to hear someone compliment your ski clothe is when you are in the shower, fiddling with the laughingstock zip. As I started to examine the zippers in my general crotchal expanse, I heard someone utter, “Sweet onesie! ” I seemed around and identified another woman giving me a … Read More

Refresh: Suunto Spartan HR Baro

On a pulverization day in January, I departed snowboarding to test the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro. My sidekick noticed that I was checking the time on my phone in the hoist position. “Aren’t you supposed to be measuring a watch? ” she said. “It’s too much trouble, ” I said. “It’s easier to … Read More

I Affection Watching Curling, and You Will Too

The first time I watched an Olympic bending match on television, I entertained a thought that is surely shared by everyone who recognizes the boast for the first time: What the inferno am I looking at? It was during the 2002 Tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I tuned in to the live feed … Read More

The Good Paraphernalium for Dazzling, Sunny Date on the Slopes

There’s nothing like skiing under stupefying off-color skies. Don’t broke it by garmenting for a blizzard. 1. Trew Men’s Wander Jacket A simple-minded wind-blocking eggshell is all you need in epic condition. The trim slouse of this one signifies it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a tent, and the lightweight interpretation draws it easy … Read More

Evaluation: Freemie Liberty

The worst side of breast pumping? The logistics. Ask any operation, breastfeeding mommy and she &# x27; ll describe the hassle of experiencing a private room, disrobing, and fastening up to a machine to run every three to four hours. And then, after she &# x27; s seat there for 20 hours, she still needs … Read More

Inspect: Timex Ironman GPS Watch

Full disclosure: Unbeknownst to my editors, I wore a Timex Ironman watch for over a decade. My Timex did everything I necessary a watch to do. I wore it traveling, snowboarding, swimming, moving, snorkeling and surfing. I could place alarm systems, check my gait, and been demonstrated when I said I would. It likewise ignited … Read More

6 Tips for Snagging Epic Snowsports Action Cam Footage

Get enormous decisions from your war cam as you captivate your gallants … and your epic bails. When to Slo-Mo The GoPro Hero6 can film 1080 p video at 240 chassis per second–meaning that when you brake it down 10 X, it appears amazing. But thumping the brakes doesn’t work for everything. Slo-mo is garbage … Read More

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