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Meet the new rise titans of Shadow of the Colossus

The floor shakes. Evenly spaced earthquakes in the distance make it appear as if the mountains themselves are moving. But this is no earthquake. Exactly over the hills, a massive animal lumbers listlessly, its limbs intimidating towers. As it approaches, I prepare to attach its back and purposely see my road up its armored spine. … Read More

Ask of Role: Black Ops III returns to multiplayer greatness, but finds on tale

The big, the better: Thats been the mantra of every Call of Duty claim since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare , and its something numerous devotees of the succession have started to grow tired of. Call of Job: Black Ops III followed that same well-worn itinerary, but while the unrelenting speed of its tale … Read More

Games have never shied away from anthropomorphic heroes, putting players in the shoes of a wide variety of cute and charming creatures. But only rarely do games fully transform the player into the animal they’re tasked with controlling. This is far from the case in Snake Pass, the latest game from Sumo Digital, available now … Read More