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I Risk My Life To Photograph My Hometown Budapest From The Best Angle

For six years I’ve been climbing Budapest’s most significant houses, towers, headstones and everything I can to shoot the perfect pictures about my hometown. Real passion and affection! I even risk my life to take photographs of my hometown in unrepeatable lamps and from astonishing heights. I to continue efforts to take scenes in different … Read More

The Wins Of 2017′ s Sony World Photography Contest

The Sony World Photography Awards bring us the most awe-inspiring photos from around the globe every year, and 2017 ‘s freshly announced winners are sure to leave you speechless. The competition hands awardings out to 4 different categories; Professional( body of work ), open( single likeness ), youth( photographers aged 12 -1 9 ), and … Read More

Fox Spotted Napping On Second Story Window Ledge In London

This sleeping fox was recognise by London resident, scribe, and writer Rachel Johnson. While it’s difficult to come across a sleeping fox anywhere, it’s especially extraordinary to find one napping on the second largest legend opening ledge in Notting Hill! The sighting took place on Thursday; as to how the fox get down, it remains … Read More

Rock Climber Proposes To His Girlfriend In The Most Nostalgic Way Ever

Rock climber Luis Cardona recently expected his lover to marry him, and his proposal totally rocked. Show Full Text He popped the question to Maddy Thorpe, who he met in August 2015, while the two were at Elevation Rock Gym in Logan, Utah. Securing the aid of photographer India Earl, the two designed a hope. … Read More