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Don’t look to Trump for leadership after the Florida school shooting | Richard Wolffe

They say theres no one more optimistic than an American girl. But now were learning them how to save “peoples lives” from a gunman Florida school killing Opinion Don’t look to Trump for leader after the Florida school killing Richard Wolffe They say there’s no one more optimistic than an American teenager. But now we’re … Read More

From jailhouse to marijuana farm: empty US prisons get strange makeovers

As prisons close across the US, hypothesis for their reuse abound from a yoga studio to a farm for medical marijuana. In Gainesville, since a medium-security prison reopened as a shelter, chronic homelessness in the Florida city has halved The cinder block constructs that predominate the campus ought to have covered shining pink, orange and … Read More

Will Latino loathing of Trump drive a voter shift to swaying such elections?

The Republican frontrunners unfavorability ratings with Hispanic voters are at historic grades. If Latinos turn out to vote they could be key in November Donald Trumps rise is stimulating a reaction from Latino communities across America that has the potential to attest a formidable barrier to the billionaires success in the November presidential election. From … Read More

Snake hunters captivate 106 Burmese pythons in Florida Everglades

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials commissioned hunters help to tackle millions of invasive pythons from south-east Asia that have overrun the Everglades Snake hunters captured 106 Burmese pythons after weeks of traipsing through the Florida Everglades, territory wildlife officials announced on Saturday, together with gives for the most impressive catches. Thousands of invasive pythons from … Read More